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The Aerodrome offers mainly aviation-related services - the infrastructure maintenance to provide safe landings and take-offs, aircraft parking and hangarage facilities.

Landing fees:
Aircraft categoryFee
Ultralight/sport aircraft (MTOW<600kg)EUR 15
Light aircraft (MTOW 600-2400kg)EUR 20
Large aircraft (MTOW>2400kg)EUR 25
Parking fees (for 24h, first 3h free):
Light aircraft (MTOW<2400kg)EUR 5
Large aircraft (MTOW>2400kg)EUR 10

Regular users of Spilve aerodrome pay membership fee of EUR 365 per annum or EUR 270 if joining after June 1. Renewing of membership should be paid for full year.

Approaching RWY 14

Briefing room with computer, printer, wi-fi, fax and meeting table available 24/7.



Runway is not safe for flight operations as it is covered with a thick layer of wet snow.
Messages to [email protected] are not received currently.
21SEP 1600 (local) till 22SEP 1500 (local) runway closed due to pavement reconstruction near threshold 14.
July 25 1900-2000 (local time) runway will be closed due to pavement maintenance.
July 24 1800-2000 (local time) runway will be closed due to pavement maintenance.
Aerodrome license expired.
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