About aerodrome - Future

Aerodrome Spilve will live and grow together with the city of Riga. The aerodrome, albeit with minor variations, is included in the urban development plans.

It is planned that Aerodrome Spilve in future may also accept business jets, especially beneficial this would be to the passengers because downtown Riga is within only a few minutes drive.

Aerodrome Spilve development strategy for the period 2012-2013:
• actively advertise and attract flights from the Baltic Sea countries, thus reinforcing the aerodrome's role in the regional air transport;
• by fall 2012 improve ground infrastructure and ground maintenance procedures in order to be operational in all seasons;
• establish AFIS in 2012;
• together with CAA upgrade the airspace model, transforming it from uncontrolled airspace to partially or totally controlled for increased safety;
• install AGL;
• by the beginning of summer 2012 set up the necessary infrastructure for crew and passenger service;
• construct additional aircraft storage hangars;
• attract aircraft maintenance organizations;
• attract more flight schools;
• support the aviation sports and youth involvement in aviation.


Effective October 12 anyone wanting to enter Latvia will need to have a filled electronic form "Covidpass.lv". More info here: https://www.iem.gov.lv/en/jaunums/no-12-oktobra-skersojot-latvijas-republikas-robezu-bus-jaaizpilda-elektroniska-anketa
Military exercise 22-25 SEP in Riga and vicinity will put limitations on Spilve usability. Actively check the published info in AIP SUP and NOTAMs!
August 17, 1200-1800 the Aviation Festival in Spilve!!!
100LL not avbl at the moment.
April 18, 1030-1300 (local) UAV mission will take place in Riga Port over Sarkandaugava max. ALT 200FT.
Today, April 5 1100-1400 (local) UAV mission will take place in Riga Port over Sarkandaugava max. ALT 200FT.
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