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Aerodrome Spilve, previous names - Spilve Air Port or Air Port of Riga (1928-1940), later the Riga Central Airport, was the main airport of Riga city until the new airport "Riga" was commissioned in 1975, and it still retains its role in Latvian aviation. Now Spilve supports mainly private and training flights. Currently, airfield may be used for aircraft with maximum take-off weight of 5.7 tons.

Aerodrome is located in Riga, on the left bank of Daugava River, in Spilve meadows, near Iļģuciems.

The operator ensuring the daily operation of the aerodrome is the foundation "Lidosta Spilve". All flight and parking fees received from pilots are spent on daily "chores" - wages for our 3 guards and maintenance as much as we can afford, most of it being pavement repairs, mowing and snow clearance. The management board of the foundation consists of three volunteers: Jānis Maslovskis, Dmitrijs Kušiņičevs, and Jaroslavs Gaļejevs

Foundation "Lidosta Spilve" has also received the public benefit organization status from tax authorities which means we can accept donations from both privates and companies without creating any tax burden to them. If you are interested in donating details please contact one of the board members of the foundation.

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Izveidota jauna sadaļa mājaslapā dronu pilotiem un opertoriem.
Effective October 12 anyone wanting to enter Latvia will need to have a filled electronic form "Covidpass.lv". More info here: https://www.iem.gov.lv/en/jaunums/no-12-oktobra-skersojot-latvijas-republikas-robezu-bus-jaaizpilda-elektroniska-anketa
Military exercise 22-25 SEP in Riga and vicinity will put limitations on Spilve usability. Actively check the published info in AIP SUP and NOTAMs!
August 17, 1200-1800 the Aviation Festival in Spilve!!!
100LL not avbl at the moment.
April 18, 1030-1300 (local) UAV mission will take place in Riga Port over Sarkandaugava max. ALT 200FT.
Rīgas domes Sporta pārvalde
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