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We are glad to announce that July 10-12 this year Aerodrome Spilve will host the International Riga Fly-In 2015. The event will be focused on the flying society but one of the days aerodrome Spilve will open the doors also to the general public to give an opportunity to people of Riga and guests to see plenty of different aircraft, an airshow and the aerodrome itself including the museum building.

To Spilve users:


New AIP chapter on aerodrome Spilve with new flight rules and procedures is effective May29, 2014. Even if one single light minded pilot will neglect or break these rules, we all can get punished.
Every pilot who did not attend one of the two seminars organized in May shall learn the information independently and sign the special instruction journal which will be available in Spilve briefing room starting evening of May 27.
The EVRS AIP chapter can be downloaded HERE
NB! The meteorological minimum for VFR flights in Spilve ATZ shall be the same as for Riga CTR (visibility minimum 5km and clouds not lower than 1500 ft). Regarding current WX consult Riga ATIS.



Airfield database created by few Latvian enthusiastic flyers has moved to new location MyAirfields.com
We strongly suggest pilots to use it for reference!

Aviation Celebration in the Aerodrome Spilve got 65 000 visitors over the weekend



Tie down your aircraft!

Video from Spilve Aviation Celebration 2011


Although we are working hard on licensing the fuel station, the process takes a lot. In the vicinity of Riga you have two options:
1) Refuel in Tukums airport (technical landing fee for C172 would be EUR 5,60, preferable 24h PPR, phone +37163119119)
2) Refuel in Riga International Airport, arranging the refueling beforehand with ground handling (+37129233018) and fuel company (+37167207037) so that the process takes no more than 1h (technical landing fee for C172 would be EUR 50, if more than 1h on ground - EUR 80)



08FEB15 Aerodrome covered with ice. Fly carefully! Better do not fly at all!
17JAN15 Aerodrome partly covered with ice and water patches. Be careful!
06JAN15 All aerodrome surfaces covered with ice and frozen ruts. Flying not recommended!
28DEC14 All aerodrome surfaces covered with 7-10cm of dry snow. Breaking action POOR. Flying not recommended!
26DEC14 All aerodrome surfaces covered with ~3cm of dry snow. Breaking action POOR. Be careful!
06DEC14 All aerodrome surfaces covered with ~3cm of dry snow. Breaking action POOR. Be careful!
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